Skin Parasites That Can Drive You Crazy

Rare skin parasites becoming more common. A hundred years ago, there were only a few recorded cases, today thousands of people world wide suffer from relentless itchy skin. The only relief for many is to take near scalding baths several times a day to control the symptoms.

How are the itchy skin parasites contracted? One lady along with her husband contracted the vermin from sitting in rented furniture. Another person became infected with mites from a bird nest outside her window that she knocked down. Another woman contracted them from a nest of mice she cleaned up from her garage. One lady contracted skin parasites by exchanging dresses at a wedding with another bridesmaid. One fellow cut down a dead tree and contracted it from a cloud of dust as the tree fell. One woman claims to have sat across from someone at work who had droplets coming from his mouth as he spoke. One person contracted the skin parasites from her pet. I pulled a vine from a tree in my back yard and had a cloud of dust descend upon me.

Usually the symptoms occurs approximately twenty-four to thirty-six hours after exposure. First there is an itching of the skin which can only be relieved with a hot bath. Then, within several hours the itching of the skin returns. Attempts to stop the itching with anti itch creams only provide a respite for a few hours.

Sometimes there is a sparkling of the skin in the sun light. In trying to see what causes the itching nothing can be seen with the naked eye. In some cases there appears a breaking of the skin–two bites that are approximately 1/8″ apart which looks like a vampire bite. Within a few days the symptoms become more severe, many complain of biting sensations from under the skin. Typically rashes and lesions develop everywhere. The rashes are an indication of bacterial infection.

Doctors usually prescribe Elimite, Diprolene, Quell, Cortisone, sulfa drugs… and antibiotics for the rash. For up to four days it seems like cure is at hand and then the symptoms return in full force. The afflicted one begins to think that the parasites adapt and become immune to the barrage of treatments.

Next is the dermatologist. The dermatologist can not find a reason for the outbreaks and may suggest the problem is caused by stress or because the lesions are being irritated by one’s fingernails.

Ultimately blood samples and a plug biopsy are taken but the blood test come back pretty much normal except for a slight elevation in the CBC (complete blood count) indicating a slight infection–nothing for alarm. The results of the biopsy turn up negative. The sufferer begins thinking he is living a bad dream.

Unknown to the sufferer, while this is all happening, the entire home including all furniture, clothing, bedding… has become contaminated. Black specs or a gritty material may be found in their bedding. They also notice fibers emerging from some of the lesions and notice cotton ball like material on their skin.

Desperation leads to all kinds of herbal remedies, de-wormers, chelation therapy to remove mercury, medications from Mexico, faith healing, rifing… most to no avail.

The offending parasites are generally one or more of several skin parasites:

1. Strongyloides stercoralis

2. Collembola (spring tails)

3. Morgellons

Unfortunately nearly all physicians are totally inexperienced with their treatment. And to complicate life more, there are no diagnostic tests available for two of them and the first (the strongyloides) is a rare nematode requiring a wormer which again physicians are inexperienced in it’s treatment.

How they are contracted is generally from skin contact with:

infected clothing, furniture, jewelry…


bed bugs

rat or mice mites

Some of them have a life cycle where they exist internally and part of their life cycle takes some of them onto one’s skin where they can contaminate others. So even though they can be spread by mites and bed bugs, they can also be spread simply with warm skin contact with an infected garment or furniture.

While they are not known to be sexually transmitted, simple skin contact is all that’s required for contracting the parasites.

Long term exposure can result in memory loss, joint pain, brain fog, Fibromyalgia, ADHD, bipolar disorder… It is unknown whether these complications are solely from the skin parasites or because of the accompanying Lyme disease that often accompanies the skin parasites.

Once infected with the skin parasites there are some definite steps to take your life back.

1. Disinfection of all surroundings, bedding, jewelry, automobiles, work stations… Sometimes it’s important to use pesticides outside.

2. A bathing protocols utilizing Epson salts followed by wiping the body with tea tree oil and the use of 999 cream (available in Chinese stores).

3. The parasite/Lyme diet which is high in protein and no fruit. It turns out that the skin parasites have food preferences. Yes, there are foods that they enjoy and they reward you with biting and itching and there are foods that they don’t enjoy. The diet took three years to discover and perfect so that it works with all known types of skin parasites. It is also this special diet that allows the next item to create magic. Experience has demonstrated that it is also a diet that helps minimize the effects of Lyme disease.

4. Using ORAP or one of several other prescription medications can successfully eradicate many of the skin parasites.

Yes, if you are infected or know someone who has the problem (most people do everything they can to hide it) life can come back to normal and you can awaken from this bad dream.

Richard Kuhns B.S.Ch.E. is author of the e-book Soothing the Itch Within and the Diet to Control It. His aim is to provide relief to those suffering with skin parasites that doctors can’t diagnose or treat. To find out more please visit He is also a prominent figure in the self help field and is the author behind the best selling self hypnosis cds for managing stress and overcoming anxiety panic attack.

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