Remove Skin Parasites

Is your skin itching to the point that it’s ruining your life?Are you looking for relief from Morgellons?

Are you plagued with one or more of the following:

  • Something is crawling on and under your skin?
  • Burning and/or stinging sensations?
  • Itching that won’t stop?
  • Sores appear out of nowhere and take forever to clear up?
  • Fibers growing from lesions on your skin?
  • Black specks in your bed?
  • Cotton-like substance in your bedding or clothing?

Hi, I’m Richard Kuhns, B.S.Ch.E. (a chemical engineer), also specializing in biofeedback, stress management and relaxation skills and I was a fellow sufferer.

In 1994, one exposure led to a life of rashes, itching and biting to the point I considered suicide. Doctors were of no help. Fortunately, my engineering background allowed me to scientifically find through trial and error what works and what doesn’t to get my life back from Morgellons and Other Skin Parasites.

Yes, I’ve Heard of The Debriding Soap And Want It And The Free Ebook Now…

Now, if you value having someone on your side who has:

  • been infected.
  • knows what it’s like to consider suicide to escape the relentless itching.
  • been the first recorded person to get his life back.
  • duplicated achieving getting his life back and beat the parasites over a half dozen times in fifteen years.
  • been free of symptoms for 99.9% of that time.
  • has normal intimate relations with the opposite sex.
  • has guided hundreds of others to get their lives back.

Then, read on.

There are several organisms that many people report, create itching, biting and or burning on skin.
* Morgellons
* Collembola
* Skin Fungus
* Strongyloides

Many sufferers write to me and tell me that they’ve spent thousands of dollars on foggers, supplements, zappers, magnets, and other gadgets that they say did not work for them. They’ve become skeptical of anything working and I understand.

Yes, over the years, I learned of many important supplements, but quite frankly, none of them provided me any benefit until three goals were obtained!

The first goal I found in dealing with all of the skin parasites, is to effectively clean your skin. Until recently, this was very difficult. Why? Because the skin parasites appear to take up residence deep inside your skin and until 2013, no known soap, lotion, enzyme, or cleaner could penetrate those deeper layers. Nature’s Gift™ Debriding Soap (why? explained below) is the answer to effectively cleaning your skin.

The second goal I found is to stop feeding the parasites the foods that feed them and cause them to multiply inside you.

Chapter IV of my book provides you with the the King Diet™ I developed to stop feeding the skin parasites. Ironically, short of being a vegan, it’s one of the healthiest diets you can use. But, there’s no theory to the diet. I found for instance, certain oils will feed them, others won’t. Certain fruits will feed them, others won’t. Many spices will feed them, others won’t…

Twenty years of experience has shown me that the diet is like the trunk of the tree–each limb being something to fight the skin parasites. Without the trunk, nothing else has much of a chance to work for more than short term.

The third goal I found is to effectively disinfect your environment–home, auto, office, area surrounding your home, yard, and so on.

Chapter III of my book provides you with a,b,c instructions on how to disinfect and remove them from your environment.

*** Although these goals worked for me, your individual results may vary.

How much will this cost?
Diet: You have to eat to live, the diet has no special or expensive foods. In fact, there are no processed expensive foods on the diet, so you can actually eat for less than what you’ve been paying.

Disinfection: No need for expensive foggers and substances to fog with. You buy effective disinfectants from the laundry isle of your grocery store.

Cleaning Your Body is with Nature’s Gift™ Debriding Soap described below. Put all of it together, for way less than fifty dollars, you’ll know you’re on the right track and then you can take advantage of special supplements to accelerate your progress–but I don’t want you to do that until you’ve seen progress with diet, disinfection, and now, with a breakthrough in Angstrom sub molecular technology, (smaller than nano) a soap of such fine particle size is available to penetrate to the deepest layer of skin and clean it thoroughly.

Why Nature’s Gift™ Debriding Soap works
Normal soaps are made from lye and oils in a process called saponification. The result is a long snake-like molecule with one end attracted to water and the other end attracted to oil/dirt/debris. The end attracted to dirt lifts it from the surface of your skin and the other end lets it get washed away with water.
soap molecule
Nature’s Gift™ Debriding Soap is specially formulated to deep clean your skin. It is made from non GMO corn extracts, oats, rice, natural alcohols and sugar via a proprietary process to produce nothing but angstrom sized particles of carbon. That’s right, Nature’s Gift™ Debriding Soap contains no chemical compounds or soap molecules. Compared to the regular size of a soap molecule, it’s like comparing the size of a crumb to a four slice toaster.

Gentle—non irritating–will not sting or burn.

Hypoallergenic, non toxic, non GMO, biodegradable, and environmentally friendly

Put Angstrom Power to Work for You™

This is what others say it does for them or how they use it:

* Revitalize their skin.
* Deep clean their skin like nothing else.
* Works with pets.
* Clean their mouths and brush their teeth.
* Clean their eyes.
* To bathe with.
* Clean the environment.
* Lives up to their every expectation.

Sound too good to be true? Like I noted above, I know you’ve read things so many times on the internet that make promises and bought them only to be taken. It makes a total cynic out of people. But, notice that I give you a satisfaction money back guarantee. That’s right, you do your part, and we’ll guarantee you that you’ll be satisfied or your money back. The guarantee page spells it out!

And then, take another 5 minutes and read some success stories.

What you get is four ounces of concentrated NG debriding soap. Normally, (a two week supply) is $47.25 including shipping and handling. But hold on, for your first order, we want to bend over backwards so you can see first hand how it relieves skin discomfort associated with skin parasites. It’s nearly 30% off at just $31.55 including shipping and handling.

Skin Parasites Ebook
Plus you receive six valuable bonuses:

  • You receive an e-book copy (computer file) of my book, How to Get Your Life Back from Morgellons and Other Skin Parasites for free (thousands have paid $19.95).
  • Free updates to the book as new information becomes available to support you in getting your life back.
  • A questionnaire with a complementary evaluation to get you on the right track and approach to getting your life back.
  • Personal Email communication with the author to answer any questions you may have. Honestly, this alone is priceless. Who in the world do you know that understands what you are going through, and will communicate with you about it without questioning your sanity?
  • Plus, you’ll be part of nearly a thousand member research organization. Each of us are our own research project and everyone reports their findings to me—it’s how we learn to support all of us in getting our lives back.
  • Free empty bottle with spray head for diluting your debriding soap.

Start learning how to Get Your Life Back today!*

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*Your individual results may vary.

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    Success Stories

    "Finally after nearly 9 years of torment and what seems like ‘hell’ each day and night I have now hope and feel like there is light at the end of the tunnel.

    I have had relief from stings bites and lesions, especially on my arms where some days I was so embarrassed I had to wear long sleeved blouses so that people didn’t ask what was the problem.

    I still need to shower in hot water each morning and night and literally scrub the skin with a brush and soap as this seems to help bring the skin back to normal.

    You can use the e-book, soap, bonus gifts—everything and if you are not convinced you are on your way to becoming parasite free, you can cancel and receive a 100%, no-questions asked refund!

    You risk nothing and have zero to lose except the crawling, itching and biting bringing down your health.

    Thank you for the continuing updates and all your work on the diet- it has really renewed my health and feels great.”

    I’ve had the parasites for over 17 years. They burrowed into the deep layer of my skin and my body, especially my digestion system and rectal area.

    I started King’s Diet and it’s been fantastic and works very well. I felt the itchy less and less, and then it all stopped. However, last week I ate cheated and ate Chinese beef jerkey which contained soy sauce. The itchy returned almost immediately in the very deep layer of the scalp and the lower legs. I threw away what was left of the beef jerkey three days ago and it’s getting better now.”
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    *** Your Individual Results May Vary

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