Morgellons and Other Itchy Skin Parasites

Morgellons disease is real and it can ruin your life and that of your family. What’s more Morgellons disease is highly contagious and along with it often comes Lyme disease and protozoan infections.

In fact many sufferers of Morgellons would rather have cancer. Reason being that doctors recognize cancer whereas many do not recognize Morgellons as being real. At least there’s treatment for cancer and many cancers are treatable.

On the other hand, it’s unlikely that you’ll ever find a doctor in your neighborhood that knows anything about Morgellons.

Morgellons results in relentless itching and biting feelings under the skin. Most often nonhealing lesions are created with the presence of fibers growing from them that are fluorescent under an ultra-violet light. Some sufferers report that insect like bugs are seen coming from their skin along with the presence of cotton-like balls found on their skin, clothing, furniture, and bedding, black and or brown specs on the skin, bumps under the skin, and often times a body temperature of 96 degrees or so. They end up with brain fog, fibromyalgia, and a whole host of painful symptoms. Its not uncommon for them to lose their jobs, homes, and become a recluse.

The CDC has recently recognized Morgellons as a physical condition and has promised to perform research. That was about three years ago and I’ve yet to see results of any research. Around the turn of the century the Morgellons Association was started. Recently most activity has been turned over to Oklahoma State University and I have yet to see any results from research.

Some believe that Morgellon’s disease is a genetically modified organism (GMO) as it is believed to rewrite the genetic code within the cellular structure of the afflicted. Along the same line many believe that Morgellons is a agro-bacterium that invades the body.

In the Summer of 2002 one person went to Switzerland for the weekend. On the train ride back in southern Germany a small group of about 30 passengers for some reason or other were made to evacuate the train in an open industrial area instead of a train station. They were told that another train would pick them up in 10 minutes. Much later before they were picked up they were suddenly covered in a cloud of white fuzzy stuff in the air. Everyone was coughing and sneezing. And as quickly as the cloud came it was gone.

Within two days small tiny itchy red spots were developed all over the stomach, abdomen and privates. It was the beginning of the Morgellons night mare. What was the cloud? Where did it come from? Was it a test of some company designing GMO’s? Who knows, but since then thousands have contracted the disease.

If you follow the message boards you will find desperation and fear. If you search the internet you’ll find dozens of products and approaches. Most are simply hopeful dreams and a waste of money. But the good news is that over the course of that time since 2002, an effective diet and definitive approaches that really work have been developed so that one can really take their life back from Morgellon’s disease and other skin parasites such as collembola and strongyloides.

Richard Kuhns B.S.Ch.E. NGH certified is author of the e-book Taking Your Life Back From Morgellons and Other Skin Parasites found at Author of over 50 self help programs and

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    "Finally after nearly 9 years of torment and what seems like ‘hell’ each day and night I have now hope and feel like there is light at the end of the tunnel.

    I have had relief from stings bites and lesions, especially on my arms where some days I was so embarrassed I had to wear long sleeved blouses so that people didn’t ask what was the problem.

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    I’ve had the parasites for over 17 years. They burrowed into the deep layer of my skin and my body, especially my digestion system and rectal area.

    I started King’s Diet and it’s been fantastic and works very well. I felt the itchy less and less, and then it all stopped. However, last week I ate cheated and ate Chinese beef jerkey which contained soy sauce. The itchy returned almost immediately in the very deep layer of the scalp and the lower legs. I threw away what was left of the beef jerkey three days ago and it’s getting better now.”
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