Itchy Skin Parasites That Take Over Your Home!

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There are a lot of medical professionals that say Morgellons is a hoax. If only they had the misfortune to experience Morgellons first hand. Mary Leitao, an ex lab technician, coined the word after her young son began showing symptoms of lesions and growth of fibers. In researching the symptoms she found that the disease was first described 350 years ago by Sir Thomas Browne in 1674. Maybe the disease has been around during the 350 years but until she reported the symptoms in 2002, no one in the medical community has reported it. In fact usually those who seek medical attention for these symptoms are diagnosed as having delusional parasitosis and if two, who live together, suffer from the same symptoms they are give a diagnosis of folie a deux or with three sufferers from the same home, it’s folie a trois.

The symptoms were described by Sir Thomas Brown as some type of worm-like parasite moving right under the skin creating stinging, itching, and biting sensations with a brightly colored parasite burrowing out of the skin for several moments and then back into the epidermis.

How does one catch it? From where does it come? Answer: There are many different organism that carry the infection. One lady was infected from a backed up cesspool. Testing her home revealed a high level of a certain bacteria. Slime mold infected another lady. Pets and stray animals infect others. And there are many who are infected who have no idea of how they were infected.

Going to one’s doctor for help is always the first step. Unfortunately practically all physicians are totally in the dark with respect to Morgellon’s disease. The reality is that many doctors blame the symptoms on the patient suffering from Morgellons. Doctors accuse Morgellons sufferers of scratching themselves to the point of creating lesions and rashes.

This has always confused me. How a health care professional can look at the lesions, rashes, and weird fibers growing from the skin (that are fluorescent) and announce that there is nothing wrong. And after taking blood tests and biopsies that identify nothing and then tell the Morgellons sufferer that there is no causative agent for the symptoms. Why aren’t these doctors sending their patients to local universities for study or reporting them to the CDC? No, they just dismiss their Morgellons patients. Yes, they might refer the Morgellons sufferer to a dermatologist or an infectious disease specialist, or a parasitologist and the result is pretty much the same–they are dismissed. And would you believe that many doctors actually believe that their patients who complain of the symptoms spend too much time on the internet or simply have too much time on their hands. But Morgellons disease is real and has led many to consider suicide. And usually the only way a Morgellon’s disease sufferer identifies it is to search the internet. Usually they search for “skin parasites” or “itchy skin parasites.” It’s not until the person who has Morgellon’s disease discovers what it is that they also learn that their home has been completely invaded. They learn that the Morgellons parasite has spread throughout their homes and even if they could miraculously get rid of Morgellon’s disease they would become reinfected as soon as they returned home. In fact anyone visiting them or riding in their car could likewise contract the disease. In fact even if they rode public transportation, the next person sitting in that seat could contract the disease. Along with the intense biting, itching, and stinging with fibers are also reported things like hard nodules under the skin, cotton-like balls, non healing lesions or sores, body temperature of 96 degrees instead of 98.6 degrees, black specs, and bug like things coming from the skin.

Later other health issues kick in fatigue, fibromyalgia, brain fog, hair loss, and brain fog.

The road to recovery is two fold–treat the body and disinfect the home. Both must be done simultaneously otherwise reinfection never ends. It’s like learning to drive an automobile with a clutch. If you let out the clutch too fast, the engine stalls. If you let out the clutch too slowly the engine races. Treating the home is done using one or more agents such as diluted laundry grade ammonia to products like cedarcide. Treating the body involves using debriding agents to cleanse the skin, a special diet to cut down morgellons activity, special supplements, probiotics and so on to build immune functioning. The good news is that with the right direction, there is life after Morgellons’ disease.

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