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Is your skin itching to the point, it’s ruining your life? Are you looking relief from Morgellons?

Let me ask you, are you plagued with one or more of the following:

  • Something is crawling on and under your skin?
  • Burning and/or stinging sensations?
  • Itching that won’t stop?
  • Sores appear out of nowhere and take forever to clear up?
  • Fibers growing from lesions on your skin?
  • Black specks in your bed?
  • Cotton-like substance in your bedding or clothing?

Hi, I’m Richard Kuhns, B.S.Ch.E. (a chemical engineer), also specializing in in biofeedback, stress management and relaxation skills.

In 1994, one exposure led to a life of rashes, itching and biting to the point I considered suicide. Doctors were of no help. Fortunately, my engineering background allowed me to scientifically find through trial and error what works and what doesn’t to get my life back from Morgellons and Other Skin Parasites.

Let me give you the long and short. These are serious parasites that can be life threatening. No matter what anyone says, once you get your life back, you can be reinfected again and again. The long of this is that there is no cure, there is no treatment, and there are a hundred different choices which can overwhelm you, and; if you choose the wrong one can cost you an “arm and a leg” and a lot of valuable time.

And, the last thing you want is to itch and scratch one minute more than you have to.

Yet, through knowing how to effectively clean your skin, disinfect your surroundings, what foods to eat and which to avoid, and what supplements really improve your health and immune functioning, you can get your life back to as normal as humanly possible and be free is itching, biting, and eat most anything you desire.

The short is that if you value having someone on your side who has:

  • been infected
  • considered suicide
  • been the first recorded person to get his life back
  • duplicated achieving getting his life back and beat the parasites over a half dozen times in fifteen years
  • been free of symptoms for 99.9% of that time
  • has normal intimate relations with the opposite sex
  • has guided hundreds of others to get their lives back

… then get my book (described below) and access to the coaching you need to get your life back, otherwise take pot luck. No claims, no promises, just reality. No matter what anyone says, it’s hard work. Just make sure your hard work produces the results you want.

In my 327 page book How to Get Your Life Back from Morgellons and Other Skin Parasites… Seventh Edition

…I detail my years of step-by-step research revealing:

  • How to disinfect your environment (more to it than you think).
  • Inexpensive skin treatments that will work and expensive one’s that don’t
  • The King DietSM that starves both external and internal parasites .
  • How to get your doctor to prescribe the right medications.
  • A review of every known alternative medical approach.

All so you can soon enjoy:

  • Freedom from the constant itching and biting sensations.
  • An end to muscle and joint pain.
  • Healing of sores and stopping the lesions from returning.
  • Razor sharp thinking.
  • A great night’s sleep
  • Beautiful skin and less spider-like lines.

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Here’s what you’ll find out in each chapter:

CHAPTER 1- My Personal Hell On Earth

  • When and how the parasites first invaded my body.
  • How 10 years of diet experimentation led me to the foods that drive the parasites from your life.
  • Why it’s not in your mind and why Doctors can’t get this.
  • Why dermatologists can’t advise treatment.

CHAPTER II- Types of Skin Parasites & Available Tests

  • What’s causing your symptoms – mites, Morgellons, Collembola, Strongyloides, Skin Fungus…
  • Diagnostic tests to identify which parasitic organisms you have.
  • What these invaders look like.
  • Known treatments for each type of parasites.
  • A contagious Genetically Modified Organism that is running amok and infecting millions (and the U.S. Gov. has a patent on this!).

CHAPTER III- Bathing and Skin Treatments

Part I. Bathing and Skin Treatments

  • Why you can’t get better until you disinfect your environment.
  • How to bathe to get the parasites out of your skin
  • How to effectively disinfect and launder your clothing.
  • The personal items where parasites hide waiting to infect you again.
  • How to disinfect your closets, rugs, furniture, floors, garage….
  • Eliminating parasites from your heating and cooling system.
  • How to get rid of itching and biting symptoms.
  • Tricking organisms to leave your skin.
  • A review of effective creams, ointments, oils and do-it-yourselfers.
  • Ridding your automobile of parasites (yes they are riding with you!).
  • Surprising place bedbugs hide and its not in your bed!
  • How to avoid parasites in any environment not under your control.
  • Precautions to keep others from becoming infected.
  • Why electromagnetic fields–being near a computer–activate parasites to drive you nuts.
  • Best way to protect your environment from recontamination.
  • Sure-fire way to cleanse your furniture and carpet.
  • Simple solution to controlling mold and mildew.
  • How to keep your pets parasite free.
  • A review of effective creams, ointments, oils and do-it-yourselfers.

CHAPTER IV-The King DietSM & Supplements that Make it Work

What you eat get converted in your body to either feed the parasites thriving on your skin or internally.

In the beginning of your infection, these skin parasites are limited to your skin. Many of the foods you eat get converted to substances on your skin that feeds them and strengthens them to go internally. Here too, what you eat feeds and strengthens them. They end up thriving both on your skin and eventually inside your body—eyes, mouth, annus, ears, lungs, rectum, and so on. This chapter shows you:

  • How to stop feeding parasites the foods they like.
  • How to boost your immune system to thwart viral & bacterial infections.
  • Which foods to avoid because they cause parasitic activation.
  • Which supplements, spices, and food additives cause parasites to grow and multiply.
  • How you can benefit from my 10 year elimination diet study.
  • Why yogurt causes parasitic activity (yep, yogurt!).
  • How the King DietSM is better than anti-Candida diets.
  • How to order in restaurants without feeling like a leper
  • The beverage that totally screws up your calcium balance and even leads to diabetes, osteoporosis, arthritis, and heart problems.
  • The antioxidant that is 20,000 times more powerful than Acai Berry or any other antioxidant you can ingest.
  • Why you must remove certain supplements from their capsule.
  • The bad food ingredient food manufactures hide by giving it a different name.

CHAPTER V- Recipes

  • The fortifying breakfast that gives you a leg up on the day ahead while starving parasites to death.
  • 25 yummy lunch and dinners recipes you can use as the basis for even more delicious dishes, even dessert.

CHAPTER VI- Medical Approaches

  • What the doctors don’t know that you need to know if you want to rid yourself of parasites.
  • Review of commonly prescribed remedies and known side effects.
  • Medications that do actually help including psychotic meds your doctor will prescribe that surprisingly makes parasites crazy dead.
  • Leading Doctors specializing in parasites and a review of each one.
  • How to get your Doctor who will work with you.
  • A review of treatments that work.

CHAPTER VII- Other Approaches and Therapies

Since the CDC says these skin parasites are in your mind, and therefore, they claim that there is no cure or treatment for Morgellons (since it doesn’t exist), this is the chapter where you find your answers.

  • The a.b, c’s of what others do to get their lives back
  • The supplements that finally give you the upper hand in getting your life back.
  • How to get your life back from specific parasites—how to kill parasites from the inside out.
  • All about Lyme disease.


  • 16 real world accounts of how people just like beat skin parasites.

Chapter IX- Depression and Connecting ™ with Source

  • How to deal with the depression of knowing you are infected.
  • How to keep emotions from interfering with you health.
  • The only workable solution to depression.

APPENDIX – Interview’s With Leading Parasite Fighting Doctors

How to Get Your Life Back from Morgellons and Other Skin Parasites gives you all the information you need to break free from these life-suckers forever…

Morgellons Lyme Disease Cure1. It’s EXTENSIVE: You get 327 pages, detailing every symptom, remedy and action steps to finally get parasites out of your life. In every chapter, you learn everything you need to heal.

2. What WORKS: You no longer need to guess will that alternative health approach help you, as we lay out the pros and cons of every treatment.

3. You’ll get ANSWERS you are looking for because the author exhaustively undertook every treatment, visited many doctors and dermatologists and reviewed all alternative health strategies. No matter if you’ve just noticed a symptom you think may be parasites or if you battled them your whole life, everything you need to get your life back is in here.

You get the step-by-step process to expel parasites out of your body, house, car, clothes and pets.

You get the discoveries made in the authors multi-decade quest to end suffering from parasites.

You get the most complete review of every remedy, medication and alternative health treatment available today.

You get the King DietSM, a 3-stage eating plan to first starve the parasites to death and then make it almost impossible to return.

You get mouth-watering recipes to make it easy to follow the diet you need to flush parasites from your system.

PLUS, you get well over $100
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    Success Stories

    "Finally after nearly 9 years of torment and what seems like ‘hell’ each day and night I have now hope and feel like there is light at the end of the tunnel.

    I have had relief from stings bites and lesions, especially on my arms where some days I was so embarrassed I had to wear long sleeved blouses so that people didn’t ask what was the problem.

    I still need to shower in hot water each morning and night and literally scrub the skin with a brush and soap as this seems to help bring the skin back to normal.

    You can use the e-book, soap, bonus gifts—everything and if you are not convinced you are on your way to becoming parasite free, you can cancel and receive a 100%, no-questions asked refund!

    You risk nothing and have zero to lose except the crawling, itching and biting bringing down your health.

    Thank you for the continuing updates and all your work on the diet- it has really renewed my health and feels great.”

    I’ve had the parasites for over 17 years. They burrowed into the deep layer of my skin and my body, especially my digestion system and rectal area.

    I started King’s Diet and it’s been fantastic and works very well. I felt the itchy less and less, and then it all stopped. However, last week I ate cheated and ate Chinese beef jerkey which contained soy sauce. The itchy returned almost immediately in the very deep layer of the scalp and the lower legs. I threw away what was left of the beef jerkey three days ago and it’s getting better now.”
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    *** Your Individual Results May Vary

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