Skin Parasites That Never Stop Itching

You Can Stop Skin Parasite Itching. Does your skin itch relentlessly? If so, you may be host to one or more types of skin parasites that are unknown to most physicians. There are several things to look for on your … Read More

Skin Parasites That Doctors Don’t Know About

Unknown Skin Parasites Generally when one thinks of skin parasites, they think of scabies and ring worm for which the medical profession is well equipped. Unfortunately I contracted the skin parasites about which doctors know nothing. I was doing my … Read More

Some Skin Parasites Can Ruin Your Sex Life

Certain skin parasites can ruin your sex life–especially if you’re single. They are not sexually transmitted but simply through skin contact or sleeping in the same bed. Not to say that if you’re married they won’t cause a living hell … Read More

Highly Contagious Skin Parasites

There are several highly contagious skin parasites and once you are unfortunate enough to catch them, even your doctor won’t know what to do. In fact he’ll take blood tests, biopsies… and find nothing. You can catch these skin parasites … Read More

Bird Mites and Rat Mites can Cause Itchy Skin Parasites

Itchy skin parasites can be from bird mites, rat mites, mice mites, pigeon mites… Imagine this: You’re cleaning the garage and behind some boxes you find an uninhabited nest of mice. Not looking forward to dealing with the nest, you … Read More

Skin Parasites That Can Drive You Crazy

Rare skin parasites becoming more common. A hundred years ago, there were only a few recorded cases, today thousands of people world wide suffer from relentless itchy skin. The only relief for many is to take near scalding baths several … Read More

Human Skin Parasites that Can Make Life Hell

Human skin Parasites can appear seemingly out of no where. One minute you’re feeling fine and the next minute you’re itching incessantly. Within minutes the itching is accompanied by a biting sensation. The itching and biting is over your entire … Read More

Skin Parasites from Hell!

Skin Parasites that make your skin crawl are here to stay. They appear to itch from under your skin and are impervious to all standard medical treatments. Elimite and Quill will give you a four day reprieve and then the … Read More

Itchy Skin Parasites That Can Question Your Sanity

Itchy skin parasites can drive you out of your mind. In fact most who contract them are also driven to depression because the doctors they turn to for help are totally ignorant about the skin parasites. Take Morgellons, for example. … Read More

Sci Fi Skin Parasites

Skin rashes and lesions that never heal, skin parasites that itch relentlessly, and Lyme disease–are all connected. The scary thing is that these skin parasites can be caught simply by trying on clothes at any clothing store, sitting in an … Read More

Highly Contagious Itchy Skin Parasites

There are some skin parasites that are so bity and itchy that they practically drive you mentally insane. A lady writes, “We were at an amusement park. While using the toilet I came in contact with some water on the … Read More

Morgellons and Other Itchy Skin Parasites That Doctors Don’t Know About

Itchy Skin Parasites are relatively new to our culture. In fact most doctors swear that sufferers of these itchy skin parasites have vivid imagination and instead have a obsession with parasites. But maybe they are only new to our awareness. … Read More

Itchy Skin Parasites That Will Gross You Out!

It is one thing to contract itchy skin parasites but it is absolutely gross to discover that they have invaded your home. Even if you have the cleanest home you can contract itchy crawling biting parasites that give you the … Read More

Itchy Skin Parasites That Take Over Your Home!

We’re honored for you to reprint the following article as long as you make no changes to the article and print the resource box as well. Itchy skin parasites do not only itch your skin, they also take over your … Read More

Itchy Skin Parasites That Take Over Your Home!

We’re honored for you to reprint the following article as long as you make no changes to the article and print the resource box as well. There are a lot of medical professionals that say Morgellons is a hoax. If … Read More

Morgellons and Other Itchy Skin Parasites

Morgellons disease is real and it can ruin your life and that of your family. What’s more Morgellons disease is highly contagious and along with it often comes Lyme disease and protozoan infections. In fact many sufferers of Morgellons would … Read More

Morgellons—The Disease Doctors Don’t Know About

If you’re experiencing itching and biting on your skin, you might have Morgellons disease. The first thing that you’ll most likely do is go to your doctor. But, Morgellons is one disease doctors don’t know about. They don’t know how … Read More

Skin Parasites that Cause Itchy Disruptive Skin

It’s 3:00 am, your sleep has been interrupted by something crawling on your face, legs, private parts-and you have no idea as to what to do. First you wonder if it’s your imagination, but then the crawling feelings are accompanied … Read More

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    "Finally after nearly 9 years of torment and what seems like ‘hell’ each day and night I have now hope and feel like there is light at the end of the tunnel.

    I have had relief from stings bites and lesions, especially on my arms where some days I was so embarrassed I had to wear long sleeved blouses so that people didn’t ask what was the problem.

    I still need to shower in hot water each morning and night and literally scrub the skin with a brush and soap as this seems to help bring the skin back to normal.

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    Thank you for the continuing updates and all your work on the diet- it has really renewed my health and feels great.”

    I’ve had the parasites for over 17 years. They burrowed into the deep layer of my skin and my body, especially my digestion system and rectal area.

    I started King’s Diet and it’s been fantastic and works very well. I felt the itchy less and less, and then it all stopped. However, last week I ate cheated and ate Chinese beef jerkey which contained soy sauce. The itchy returned almost immediately in the very deep layer of the scalp and the lower legs. I threw away what was left of the beef jerkey three days ago and it’s getting better now.”
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