Feel Like There are Parasites Under the Skin?   Are There Really Human Skin Parasites?  

Long at last there is a solution and an answer to what feels like Parasites Under the Skin and the reality of human skin parasites and its all revealed in my new book which is all about how to get your life back from parasites under the skin--yes, human skin parasites exist! Read on!

It's 3:00AM - yet again your precious sleep is impossible... there's no comfortable way to lay, no way to ignore the sensation of crawling under your skin and relentless itching. Can this be a dream?

Biting - Itching - Stinging!

Perhaps you've tried itching, using hot water, or a million other things to get relief from this horrible feeling! Doctors may have told you it's your imagination, stress or worse - that you have acarophobia, folie a deux, folie a tois! You're worried that you have skin parasites that burrow under your skin. Unless you've caught them early, you might even feel them in your nose, ears and even your eyes.

The sad thing is: Few people really understand what you're experiencing. Even doctors don't have a clue. It's embarrassing having skin problems... It's hard going to work with little sleep, it's hard to concentrate and cope with usual stresses of life...You're afraid of the worst—that your body will totally be consumed by these parasites under human skin.

But what's really behind the parasites under the skin causing your agony?

Back in the mid-90's I was pulling vines from my trees in my back yard. As I dislodged one vine high up in the tree, a cloud of dust descended onto me. I was somewhat curious and decided to cut my day short and quickly took a hot shower thinking that anything that might have been in that cloud was washed from my skin.

This is only one way of dozens as to how this nightmare starts. Some people have initial contact while gardening in their flower garden, some while using a public bathroom, some after napping on a relative's couch, some after trying on clothing...

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Back to my story: Within four days, as we were visiting my mom, my significant other and I began itching intensely--so intensely that we both jumped into a hot bath for relief. The hot bath relieved the skin parasite symptoms and we thought life would be normal again--no so. Within a few hours, we were again jumping into hot water for relief.

We soon realized that there were some kind of bugs or organisms responsible for our intense itching and they were invisible. We went to the drug store and bought medications for lice and got relief. We thought we had nixed it (pun intended) only to find out three days later, our skin was crawling and the relentless itchy skin that wouldn't stop, returned.

My significant other was a nurse so she made an appointment with a doctor she knew. He could find nothing and prescribed Elimite for the both of us. Again, it worked for about three or four days and then our skin was crawling again with the intense itchy skin to follow.

But that wasn't the end. Even though my significant other never advanced beyond intense itching and crawling skin, for me, things got  more complicated. I started noticing rashes and lesions developing. They started like a pimple and never went away. Some of them became like hard nodules under my skin.

I'd lie in bed and feel parasites under skin—in my nose, ears and eyes. I wondered if they were burrowing in my organs. It was scary as hell.

And then I discovered that these human skin parasites under the skin were highly contagious--A night mare born.

But where did these human skin parasites that burrow under skin come from? My first thought was mites and after years of exhaustive researching into various types of mites and treatments for them that never worked for very long, I learned that even though mites were involved in my case, they are only the carriers of more hideous monsters microscopic in size. The itchy human skin parasites that start on the skin burrow under skin as the infection becomes more advanced.

After years of near scalding baths, pain, and even embarrassment from using things like yellow sulfur on my scalp. Then a friend suggested a diet connection. At first I thought she was loonie, but after dumping hundreds of dollars into over the counter remedies, nutritional supplements, doctor's visits, and so on, what did I have to lose?

Where to start? I just started with eggs and ate nothing else. By then  I had gotten good at disinfecting my surroundings and my hot baths killed the active itchy skin parasites so I was quite surprised when the crawling skin did not resume. It was my first ray of hope. She was right and it took me ten years of testing various foods to see what fed the parasites under the skin and what starved them. I call it the King DietSM because in my eyes it was King. But what were the critters that I was finally taming?

Being in communication with hundreds and hundreds of sufferers world wide and constantly researching human skin parasites, in 2004 I discovered that there are actually three different skin parasites that result in most of the symptoms I had and are listed below.

What are these itchy skin parasites? They are usually one of the following human skin parasites:

  • Collembola

  • Strongyloides stercoralis

  • Morgellons 

    These human skin parasites are BAD news. The good news is that I can show you how to get your life back from human skin parasites that burrow under the skin.

    Skin Parasite Symptoms you might experience:

    • Severe itchy skin and biting that seems to come from under the skin.
    • Black sandy gritty specs deposited in your bedding.
    • Non-healing lesions.
    • Cotton-like balls.
    • strange fibers growing from the lesions.
    • Strawberry red specs in the skin.
    • 95-to-97 degree F core temperature instead of the usual 98.7.
    • Bug like things coming from your skin.
    • Feeling of something crawling in your nose, ears, lungs and so on.
    • Invisible things jumping on your ankles and lower legs.
    • Increased itching and biting while using your computer.

    Hopefully you don't have all of these symptoms--any two or three of them can spell "Hell" on earth and lead to any of the following:

    • Brain Fog (Fuzzy hard to concentrate feeling)
    • Fatigue
    • Joint Pains
    • Fibromyalgia


    My name is Richard Kuhns and I've been working with human skin parasite sufferers since the late 1990's, long before the word "Morgellons was coined.

    Since 2009 I've witnessed the most important breakthrough's I've seen since I discovered the King DietSM in the late 90's. Now I know you might be thinking, "Diet, heck no, I want a solution. I don't want to have to deal with what I can and can't eat--that's no way to live."

    Let me say that I agree one hundred percent! When I first was infected with human skin parasites I wanted to find the miracle pill. I could not believe that there wasn't a solution that a doctor could not prescribe and if someone told me that diet was the answer, I  would have kept on looking--especially when every now and then a doctor prescribed something that worked for maybe a week or so.

    Let me say that this book is very comprehensive and is the most complete guide you'll ever find to getting your life back from human skin parasites. It has all the medical and alternative treatments for human skin parasites. So, yes, with what is in the book, you can Get Your Life Back From Morgellons and Other Skin Parasites without diet, however, if you want to fast track your success, you'll also be very very grateful for the King DietSM

    Over the years, I've seen many people dumping a ton of money into things like nutra silver or removing their amalgam in their filings in hopes of cure, or order the magnetic pulsing device (only to find it's not developed yet and may never be operational), and still lose their jobs and sometimes their homes. Yes, not to scare you, but it can get that serious if you don't have the direction this book provides.

    Bonus: So from which human skin parasite do you suffer? Wouldn't you like to know? Well, the reality is that there are no diagnostic tests for two of the three most common parasites that borrow under the skin and they are each handled differently. That's right there are no lab tests available. In fact the CDC denies the existence of both Morgellons and collembola--that's another story and a kick in the teeth for Morgellons and collembola sufferers who will never find help for dealing with these human skin parasites from their doctor.

    In my book you'll find a complete list of skin parasite symptoms. Even though many symptoms overlap, the book tells you which symptoms go with each parasite.  This alone could be worth your cost of your investment and save hundreds of dollars in using the wrong products or approach.

    Unfortunately the word, “Morgellons” has received all the attention and the band wagon experts treat all human skin parasites sufferers the same. The reality is that Collembola requires a different approach than Morgellons and Strongyloides requires a different approach than Collembola—get the picture? It's like it would be silly to treat a bacterial infection with an anti viral medication even though many of the symptoms are the same.

    The point is that it really helps to know which human skin parasite you have in order to get your life back.

    I remember in the beginning of suffering from parasites under the skin, I was somewhat like an alcoholic or drug addict, I thought I could do it on my own with the right doctor and didn't really get serious about taking things into my own hands until I hit the bottom of suffering from skin parasites and almost lost visitation rights with my six year old son--glad that never happened.

    Bonus: So from which human skin parasite do you suffer? Wouldn't you like to know? Well, the reality is that there are no diagnostic tests for two of the three most common parasites that burrow under the skin. That's right there are no lab tests available. In fact the CDC denies the existence of two of the three human skin parasites--that's another story and a kick in the teeth for Morgellons sufferers who will never find a morgellons cure from their doctor.

    More good news--included with your purchase, you will receive a questionnaire. Upon completion I will personally provide you the tools to evaluate it with 95% accuracy so you'll discover from which human skin parasite you are dealing with. This alone could be worth your cost of your investment and save hundreds of dollars in using the wrong products or approach.

    Could Your Pets, Children,
    Spouse or Friends Be In Danger?

    These itchy human skin parasites don't limit themselves to just YOU. They can easily show up in other people or animals as well. These parasites that borrow under the skin could be sitting on surfaces around your home? Your favorite chair... Your car, bed sheets, furniture or carpets...

    Being exposed to these human skin parasites can be a life changing event if the problems that brought them into your life aren't solved! All revealed in my book.


    What Doctors Won't Tell You..

    ...or should I say, "what doctors don't know to tell you?"

    I've put together a complete resource for those suffering with Morgellons, Collembola, Strongyloides stercoralis, or protozoan. It's all about getting your life back from human skin parasites that live under the skin.

    My book provides information that every doctor should be able to share with you, but none know enough about these human skin parasites to do so. Quite frankly, I would have forgone the expense to go to China to get the answers that are in this book. It didn't cost me a trip to China (since no one in the world had the answers at that time), but it did cost me years of exploration to find the answers that can now be your stepping stone to getting your life back from human skin parasites.

    Covered in this life changing resource:

    • How to disinfect your surroundings (rugs, furniture, floors, bedding, clothing...
      Bathing instructions and products to use.
    • Skin treatments that provide relief for dealing with itchy skin all over.
    • The KING DietSM that can provide relief to such a degree that you actually think you're cured. It's also effective against Lyme disease.
    • How boosting certain nutrients is the most significant break through in fighting Morgellons disease in the last twenty years.
    • Medical approaches including treatments for Lyme and Protozoan that often accompany the Morgellons, Collembola, or Strongyloides stercoralis.
    • What kills human skin parasites that burrow under the skin.
    • The best debriding (skin cleansing) products to use for Morgellons.
    • Alternative medical approaches to fight Morgellons and other skin parasites that cause intense itchy skin.
    • Stories of how others were infected.
    • How to deal with depression that accompanies infection from parasites that burrow under the skin.

    With the King DietSM  and one of the two recommended medications prescribed by their doctors many subscribers have become symptom free.

    • Freedom from complications such as inflammation and joint pain.
    • Freedom from itching and biting sensations.
    • Practically no new lesions and healing of old ones.

    Those who suffered from itchy human skin parasites report:

    • Freedom from brain fog and confusion.
    • Freedom from inflammation and pain.
    • Freedom from fatigue.
    • Improved color of skin.
    • Freedom from biting and itching.
    • Fewer break outs and healing of old lesions.
    • More energy.
    • Diminishment of spider-like lines under the skin.

    This is all revealed in this e-book (you can also order the printed version) which is guaranteed to be the most valuable source in dealing with human skin parasites and what kills skin parasites that burrow under skin that you will ever find or your money back--every dime.


    Bonus for Sufferers of LYME and Candida Albicans

    And there’s a bonus. Although the KING DietSM was discovered to control the severe itchy skin parasite symptoms human skin parasites, it turns out that a decade later I tested positive for LYME disease at which time I learned that most parasite sufferers also end up with LYME—apparently the parasites are carriers (a vector) for the LYME--back to the bonus.

    The good news is that even with LYME—for at least a decade, my symptoms were zilch and my physical and mental health overall is near excellent at over 60 yrs of age. I attribute all this to the KING DietSM. The bonus is that it is also a LYME diet. It reduces inflammation caused by Lyme disease and hence the associated discomfort. And there’s more. It is also an excellent diet for Candida Albicans.

    Guaranteed to be the most informative and valuable resource on the subject of human skin parasites or your money back.

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    Don't Take My Word For It...

    Here's what one reader said about the e-book:
    ~ Donna Grace

    Another reader says:

    Another reader says:

    A subscriber to the unlimited support:
    "You were right all along, DIET & EXERCISE are key! It's the right way! Thanks Richard for everything! Thanks for all the updates and the diet tips. This disease can be very lonely. I'm working and staying healthy and exercising w/ your diet, so life is okay right now. Thanks. Many blessings to wonderful people like you.

    Anyways, thanks for the updates and for everything, I do greatly appreciate it!!!!!!:)"
    ~ Anonymous

    Another subscriber says:
    "Hi, Richard - Thank you SO much for your book - any price would not be sufficient for your detailed experiences, knowledge, and experience!!! Because of you, my father is parasite free and my mother is getting there (as indicated by quantum biofeedback). Thank you, again and God Bless you!" ~ Danielle F

    Still not sure? For literally dozens and dozens of other testimonials re the diet and information in the e-book, click here.

    Guaranteed to be the most effective diet for the control of skin parasites and or Lyme disease or your money back.


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    After You Order...

    After completion of payment you will immediately be taken to a page from which you can open and download the e-book revealing how to get your life back from itchy human skin parsites that live under the skin. Information learned after the book was published will be sent to you in the form of updates once each week. To receive them, you will need to click on the link in an email that you will receive from our email service.

    If not a paypal customer you can pay with any credit card--no need to join paypal (simply use their service) and you will receive an email with the e-book and an update to the e-book attached usually within 24 hrs. If for some reason all this doesn't happen email me at knic2 (at) verizon.net and in the subject line write "parasite e-book download problem." In the body of the email provide your name as it is in your paypal account along with the date of the transaction and transaction number.

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    You can also send check or money order for the program you choose to R.K. Industries, 28 Tindall Rd., Middletown, NJ 07748 (include your email address, name and street address, city, state, zip code, and phone number. Please type the information. Add $4.95 if you're ordering the soft cover book and 7% sales tax for either the ebook or soft cover book if you live in NJ.

    This e-book is based on years of personal research and communication with hundreds of sufferers throughout the world. Initially the information was available as a report on the web with routine updates full of new information as it became available.

    Human Skin Parasites Don't Have to Ruin Your Life...

    "Please always be here for us - your efforts must be rewarded. You work very hard for us all. Please keep trying on our behalf. A lot of people would have committed suicide without you."
    ~ KP from the UK.

    Another subscriber writes:
    "I have to say that all your emails are so educating and encouraging. Overall, I have improved my condition, not cured yet, but a vast improvement. I've added the pomegranate extract, drink lots of water, and stick to your diet and it has improved a lot overall. THANK YOU. You are such a wonderful person. Not only are you educated, but very patient and encouraging and honest. These are qualities hard to come by these days. There are a lot of people trying to rip off poor Morgellons patients and claim they have the cure, when it has just made my condition worse. Your protocol was the ONLY honest one and realistic. THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You are a savior. I love all your informative emails as well. I save them, print them and read them in bed after I've showered!!!!!!!!!!! I am doing an all over body cleanse right now to flush out more parasites.
    Thanks for all your help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" ~ Anonymous

    Another writes:
    "Thank you Richard! You are God sent! I’m not in this alone after all.
    Please keep up your good work as it is helping many people, one of which being “me”!
    ~ JW

    People are going to EXTREMES to try and
    solve this, you don't have to.

    "The most effective thing I have found is when I mix sulfur powder with mineral oil and spread it all over my body after a very hot bath in ammonia and Epsom salts. It purges these things out of my body like nothing else I have found in 2 years of dealing with this. (my nightmare began Sept. 12th, 2005). The first time I did it I was quite alarmed at how many of these things came out of me!!!

    I was scrambling to get them all off of me once they really started coming out, it was kinda freaky, like a science-fiction movie of something. I use mineral oil from my local pharmacy and sublimed powder sulfur (also called "flower of sulfur"). The sulfur I got was $8.50 for 4oz. which is an amazing bargain compared to the cost of all the useless and ineffective medications my doctor(S) had been prescribing me for the past 2 years. (over $7,000 total so far in prescriptions and medical bills alone)."

    Please Note:

    Ammonia is highly toxic and poisonous to the human body--very risky and not recommended but demonstrates the desperation and length to which sufferers will go to fight the parasites. Notice the $7,000 price tag of fighting the parasites through inexperienced practitioners.


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